How much do experiences cost?

Our team has worked hard to build a marketplace of experiences with a wide range of price points so that we're able to offer something that works for anyone's budget!

By visiting our explore page, you'll be able to discover the right experience for you by using our Budget+ filter!

Our experiences are most commonly priced on a per person basis, however, we do have experiences that include flat fees in addition to a per person price. In the event that the experience includes a flat fee, that will be noted on each experience's individual listing page. 

In the event that you see an Inquire for Pricing note, those experiences are often some of our most customizable and the final price depends on the scope, run-of-show and a variety of factors. Feel free to submit a request and we'll work with the Host to price out the experience based on your specifications. 

If you run into any issues or have any questions, reach out to our team at